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Jason Eaves
age: 33
hometown: Fort Madison, IA
marital status: married w/5 kids
accomplishments: duh, read the site, lol

anything else you want to know email the band, later!




Kenny is 30 years old and resides in La Harpe, IL. He started playing drums 18 years ago at the ripe age of 12. Amazingly Kenny learned from listening to tapes and watching tv. He was never given lessons or taught to read music. Kenny went on to do countless gigs including opening for "KISS ARMY" and jamming with famous guitarist "Jeff Sheetz".

Kenny also gives drum lessons to young kids including his 2 best friends who will likley follow in their Dad's footsteps. They are his sons Austin and Dominick Foster.


Name: Jeff Jones
Age: 26
Position: Bassplayer
Hometown: Keokuk
Marital Status: The *OTHER* man 
Playing Experience: 9 + years
Accomplishments: Gotta agree with Jason on that one, read the site.
Anything else you wanna know you can email the band or email me personally