The verbal attack on Eminem!

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Weird News
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2003-03-28 - Wireless Flash Weird News
Iowa Rocker Declares War On Eminem

FORT MADISON, Iowa (Wireless Flash) -- An Iowa rocker is getting ready to go to war -- but not against Iraq, against Eminem.

Jason Eaves is sick of how Eminem disses Christina Aguilera and Carson Daly and has declared war on the raunchy rapper with a new song, "Almighty Shady."

Some of the lyrics include, "I see his whining ass on MTV/ Crying bout, "ahh man, nobody understands me/ So I think I'll pick my acne/ and talk s--t about my mommy.""

Eaves says Slim Shady targets like Britney Spears, Will Smith and Moby aren't in a position to criticize Eminem without tarnishing their own images, but he's not afraid.

He says the Oscar-winning rapper "is nothing but "Dr. Dre's bitch and Dre will drop his ass tomorrow if he stops selling records."

Although Eminem is invited to respond, Eaves thinks Slim Shady is too much of a wuss and figures, "I'll probably just get a letter from his attorney."

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