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For Immediate Release * November 20, 2000


Three States - Three Venues 20 Minutes 46 seconds !

[Nashville] -- Jason Eaves, a Fort Madison, Iowa singer / songwriter now holds the worlds record for the fastest rock and roll tour ever. Eaves played three different venues in three different states in 20 minutes and 46 seconds. The record was set on Saturday, November 18 with Eaves playing in Missouri, Iowa and Illinois all between 3 PM and 3:21 PM Central time.

Eaves and drummer Nick Ray were picked up by a limousine at approximately 1:55 PM and drove to pick up bass player Justin Kirchner. The trio arrived in Alexandria, Missouri at 2:30 PM and were met by news reporter Jonathon Hass of KHQA Channel 7 News in Keokuk, Iowa who documented the event. After discussing the game plan for the record attempt, Eaves and band mates prepared for their first engagement at the FISCA Truck Stop in Alexandria. Eaves, equipped with a professional athletic stopwatch took the stage at exactly 3 PM and the record attempt was underway.

The three-minute song went well and within four minutes they had sprinted to the limo and the trio and news crew were speeding across the Des Moines River to Keokuk, Iowa to a little bar called The Cellar. Cheering people lined the sidewalks as Eaves and company made their way inside and, after a quick tuning of his guitar, Eaves performed his second show. Drummer Nick Ray had a slight problem when his rented drum throne collapsed midway through the show, but he managed to finish the song flawlessly.

After the performance at The Cellar, Eaves and company jumped back into the limo and motored across the Mississippi River to Cars & Guitars, an auto shop / guitar fix-it shop located in Hamilton, Illinois. A quick check of the stopwatch revealed they had burned only 16 minutes and 45 seconds. Eaves knew then he had the record in hand.

The last show went off with absolutely no problems, and as the final note rang out Eaves hit the stopwatch which showed only 20 minutes, 46 and 78/100 seconds had elapsed since they began playing their first venue.

Eaves said he felt the event was "a huge success" and that he "had a blast" setting the record. Whats next? "I have something else up my sleeve," he replied although he is tight-lipped about his next endeavor.
Eaves is known for his daring escapades as he drew the attention and ire of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) a couple of years back when he installed a pirate radio station in his home and began broadcasting his favorite music (including his own) to Fort Madison and surrounding towns.

Eaves, whose music can be described as commercial alternative rock, just finished recording at a studio in Nashville and is hoping to draw the attention the major record labels in New York and Los Angeles. He has already been interviewed by a number of radio stations in the US and Canada and from as far away as The Netherlands and South Africa.

For more information contact:

Dick McVey in Nashville at 615-264-3637

Jason Eaves in Fort Madison, Iowa at 319-372-3852 or the web at www.jasoneaves.com

Fisca Truck Stop in Alexandria, Missouri at 660-754-6687

The Cellar in Keokuk, Iowa at 319-524-4040

Cars & Guitars in Hamilton, Illinois at 217-847-2786

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