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Press Release

For Immediate Release* December 8, 2004

Eminem Gets A Taste Of His Own Medicine!

[Iowa] The Jason Eaves Band announced today they are days away from releasing their soon to be hit song "Shady Can't Touch Me." Jason Eaves along with drummer Kenny Foster, and bass player Jeff Jones spoke out to the press today saying,” Its time someone screws with Eminem for a while!"

Eaves recited a few of his lyrics which said, " I seen his whining ass on MTV cryin about, ahh man... nobody understands me, so I think I'll pick my acne and talk sh-t about my Mommy, hope she don't get angry! The song will be "distributed free" says Eaves. The new track will be posted at www.jasoneavesband.com in a high quality Mp3 format. Eaves also stated, “I don’t care if I piss Shady off, It’s funny!”

The Jason Eaves Band is becoming quite known nationally from their gorilla type antics such as crashing the “American Idol auditions” in San Francisco, performing illegally at the CMA’s in Nashville and holding the world record for the “Worlds Fastest Rock & Roll Tour.”

For more info contact:
Publicist Barry Lurge 319-561-2852
or Jason Eaves at 319-372-3852

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